The Vanguard Residency

Joe's Pub Launches The Vanguard Residency with
Nona Hendryx

Fearless Manifesto
Because what you see is history
A dying light a mystery
A promise of what?
What use to be

ABOUT THE VANGUARD RESIDENCY A project of Joe’s Pub at The Public, the Vanguard Residency is an award and yearlong residency that celebrates the career of a singular artist who has contributed to American life and pop culture and is a part of the Joe’s Pub family of artists. This artist also sustains and leads their own artistic community while creating a body of work that stands apart from their peers. Additionally, the award answers to the music industry’s widening gaps in funding. Joe’s Pub offers a cash grant as well as a monthly performance series to be performed and curated by the artist. 

The inaugural recipient of this award is Grammy Award-nominated, art-and funk-rock pioneer Nona Hendryx, who is honored for her career as a performer, producer, writer, curator and mentor. Hendryx dedicates the series to fearlessness, revolution (creative and cultural), freedom of expression and innovation; the things that have defined her own career. 

Hendryx accepts this award with great joy and responsibility, activating her “Fearless Manifesto.” She will use the series to present artists and work that are “antithetical to the ‘normal, expected and accepted,’ the status quo. The fearless are creatively restless, they push the boundaries, provoke, shock, endeavor to achieve a transcending effect, an awakening, evolving into some-thing new. They look through the lens of ‘what if’ to explore lifes’ beliefs, ills joys social interactions and politics.”  

Of the Vanguard Residency, Shanta Thake, Director of Joe’s Pub, said, “In our mission to support artists at every phase of their careers, we created this award to celebrate the work and narratives of the iconic American artists of our time. As we developed the program, the name that kept coming up was Nona Hendryx. She is not only a vanguard artist who has changed the form and field of American pop culture but she is deeply connected to Joe’s Pub and its larger community of artists.” 

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