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Sandra Bernhard: Sandemonium

December 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

Joe's Pub

Dec 26-30: $65

NYE at 9PM: $125 if purchased on or before 11/23; $150 if purchased on or after 11/24

NYE at 11PM: $175 if purchased on or before 11/23; $200 if purchased on or after 11/24

Dec 26-30:
Doors at 6PM & 9PM
Shows at 7:30PM & 9:30PM

Doors at 8:30PM & 10:30PM
Shows at 9PM & 11PM

“Sandemonium” is swirling all around you, minute to minute “breaking news”.     No one knows what’s coming next. Climate disaster, Russian invasion, unhinged leaders. Have you been slut shamed? Are you gender neutral? Come face to face with a white supremacist? Swam through a flood? Run from a fire? Observed a chunk of the polar ice cap floating away? Occupied land that didn’t belong to you? Been strung out on Oxycontin? Been invited to prescribe to the latest pharmaceutical for every known ailment that only create more? Lost your fortune in shady investments? Won It all back in the powerball lottery? Have you narrowly missed a terrorist attack in your favorite destination? Changed religions and still found no peace of mind? Birthed two sets of twins two years apart? Renovated your kitchen? Slept with GOT’s on in the background? Taken a bad batch of ecstasy? Discovered your food supply is loaded with GMO’s? Has your Instagram account been hacked?

You’ve been swept up in “Sandemonium”! It’s time for a psychic break. Sandra Bernhard will bring you back from your bad trip. Soothe your aura and calm your chakra’s, shut down your electronics, find your mantra, do a meditation, let it all go my darling!

Sandy is here to make it all right. “Sandemonium” is a brief respite from the endless madness. Come on her magical mystery tour, listen to the sights and sounds, sample her exotic offerings. Just stop! Look, listen to Sandra Bernhard along with the Sandyland Squad Band. Sandy will make it all better.

    Open Media

Photo Credit: Jordan Graham