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Summer’s Cauldron: A Concert Performance of XTC's Skylarking

July 22

Joe's Pub

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Pen-and-ink artist Michael Arthur and musicians Ray Rizzo and Annie Nero curate Summer’s Cauldron a concert performance of XTC’s 1986 album SKYLARKING with Conrad Doucette (percussion), Yair Evnine, (cello and guitar), Benjamin Lanz (horns), Annie Nero (bass, vocals). Jessica Pavone (viola), Don Piper, (vocals, psychedelics), Ray Rizzo (drums, vocals), Stephanie Sanders (keys), and other guests to be announced.  Michael Arthur will be drawing along live, accompanying the music in pen and ink, projected behind the band, like a live animation

XTC’s Skylarking reached the states in 1987 with the haunting song “Dear God” which dominated MTV and marked a change in the English band’s creative direction towards psychedelic narrative pop. Years after it’s completion Skylarking still inspires controversy. Stories of the band’s feuding with producer Todd Rundgren are legendary, and it wasn’t until 2014 that the album’s complete final mix was discovered to be sonically out of phase, meaning that the recording people had obsessively appreciated for 26 years had never sounded as it was recorded.

Photo Credit: Bernie Dechant