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Weimar New York: WTF!?!

October 17

Joe's Pub

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Hosted by KATE RIGG (Of Slanty-Eyed Mama)

A decade after it's debut at Joe's Pub, WEIMAR NEW YORK, the theatrical cabaret conceived by EARL DAX is – unfortunately – more resonant than ever.  Conceived during the dog days of the George W. Bush administration the show used the rubric of Weimar Germany to celebrate the spirit of creative resistance that thrives in response to conservative political forces be they the rising tides of Nazism in Weimar Germany or, in Dubya's America, the rise of conservative political forces like the Tea Party.  Don't those days seem positively quaint!?!?

With Trump's election we've seen the upending of conventional politics, the ascent of white nationalism and neo-Nazism, the rise of xenophobia (and really just about every conceivable -phobia) and blatant lies and propaganda emanating from The White House on a daily basis.  WEIMAR NEW YORK: WTF!?! channels our collective sense of shock, outrage and disbelief at the state of affairs that have become our defacto reality.  In tandem with a presentation in Montreal as part of FESTIVAL PHÉNOMENA on October 15, Monsieur Dax presents a reimagined version of the the show featuring a combination of American and Canadian artists including legendary downtown singer/composer and visual artist PHEOBE LEGERE; interdisciplinary artist GEO WYETH (fka Novice Theory); "negro gothic" performance artist M LAMAR; banjo-wielding vaudevillian CURTIS ELLER; opera singer, storyteller, actor and 2016 Creative Capital grantee JOSEPH KECKLER; multimedia artist and drag king ALEXIS O'HARA; and social practice artist and AIDS activist JORDAN ARSENAULT.  Hosted by stand up comic, actress, and playwright KATE RIGG, the show offers a chance to come together again, laugh, scream and connect with like-minded New Yorkers who are experiencing collective PTSD and still wondering WTF!?!

“Earl Dax’s Weimar New York slices cabaret with cutting edge performance.”  - Time Out New York

“Keeping the Weimar-era spirit of cultural resistance alive.”  - Village Voice