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Basiwali featuring Chalaw & Kilema

Joe's Pub

August 19

This group, "Basiwali" is a phrase from the Taiwanese indigenous tribe "Pangcah (Amis)" language that literally means "heading eastward".  Basi- [verb] prefix moving towards. -wali [noun] suffix the direction of east.  ​Basiwali is go ahead eastbound.  Their style can be categorized as Polynesian World Music.

This is a group of two main musicians from two remote areas in the Polynesian landscape.  Chalaw is from Taiwan's Amis tribe.  Kilema is from Madagascar's Malkasi tribe.  Polynesian is a subset of the Austronesian people.

Basiwali is the music of the natural world. It’s made with a clean classical guitar sound and enthusiastic drumming, and vocals that move audiences wherever they’re from, with their Amis melodies and Latin rhymes. It’s truly a unique vision, a fusion of cultures that are deeply related.

It feels like being hugged by both ends of the Pacific - sometimes stormy, sometimes calm - but you’re always in safe hands in the good ship Basiwali, and sailing on the wide, beautiful ocean.