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French Quarter: Jazz in NYC featuring Yacine Boulares, Samy Thiebault & Perrine Mansuy

Joe's Pub

January 16

Doors at 6PM
Perrine Mansury: 6:30PM-7:05PM
Sammy Thiebault: 7:10PM-7:45PM
Yacine Boulares: 7:50PM-8:25PM

The FRENCH QUARTER’s fifth edition is on its way to New York for four special evenings on the occasion of three major international jazz events (APAP, Winter Jazz Festival and Global Fest).  

French jazz currently lives a wonderful revival and Paris Jazz Club aim to spread its creativity, dynamism and richness all over the world. After NYC and for the first time, the French Quarter delegation will stop in Montréal !  FRENCH QUARTER is organized by PARIS JAZZ CLUB, the network of jazz venues of Paris and its region, with the support of ADAMI, SACEM, SPEDIDAM, FCM, Institut Français, Bureau Export and Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US. 

FRENCH QUARTER : One unique concept, 5 legendary venues in the Big Apple, 16 showcases and more than 30 musicians to promote french jazz worldwide!

Perrine Mansuy feat. Christophe Leloil: Les Quatre Vents - Music For A Quartet
In coproduction with Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents Festival
Perrine MANSUY - piano ; Christophe LELOIL - trumpet ; Pierre FENICHEL - double bass ; Fred PASQUA - drums

“Les Quatre Vents” (The Four Winds) is the result of a collaboration between two talented French songwriters, recognized for their inspiration and finesse in the world of jazz. Based in Marseille, the Mistral-swept city of southern France, Perrine Mansuy and Christophe LeLoil have forged international careers as leading artists, composers, arrangers and supporting musicians for the stars of their generation (Archie Shepp, André Ceccarelli, Rémi Charmasson…). Today, their undeniable complicity and synergy have prompted the duo to embark on a new journey with a repertoire of converging influences and mixed metaphors: ardent gusts of NYC jazz, spirals of French impressionism, the fresh aroma of North American folk music, the pulse of modern pop…

Samy Thiebault: Rebirth
Samy THIEBAULT - saxophone ; Adrien CHICOT - piano ; Sylvain ROMANO - double bass ; Philippe SOIRAT - drums

Drawing on the unbridled energy of a closely-knit quartet having put out more than six albums and ten years of adventurous work, saxophonist SamyThiébault, always innovating, has presented his latest project « Rebirth » last September. The album was a real highlight of this fall’s jazz season. The notion of Melody – both in the intimate and traditional senses of the term, and at once universal and emotional – is the cornerstone of the album, present the whole way through like an impassioned self-portrait. The songs are inspired by the saxophonist’s Moroccan origins, by his childhood home of West Africa, and by the landscapes of South America, where the quartet has often played. These places are transfigured in the language of jazz, at once contemporary and modern. The result is a “rebirth” that it is at once personal and stylized, an affirmation of life and music that draws on the most intimate musical material that Thiébault has to offer. The reception of « Rebirth » makes Samy reach to the rank of the major european musicians. Indeed, the success of this album leads him and his band on the biggest national stages (Olympia, Marciac Jazz Festival, Nice Jazz Festival, Sète Jazz Festival etc…) and also on international tours (China, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Wester Africa, South America, UK, Germany etc…). This new Samy Thiébault’s album, where Jazz meets Africa, is an unquestionable must-have.

Yacine Boulares: Ajoyo
Yacine Boulares - saxophones ;  Sarah E. Charles - vocal ; Jesse Fischer - piano/keys ;  Alon Albagli - guitar ;  Yonathan Levy - bass ; Guilhem Flouzat – drums

AJOYO is the vision of multi-reed player Yacine Boularès, a mystic brew blending African tradition, jazz and soul.  More than music, it's a joyful ceremony, a fuller experience bringing musicians and audience close together. AJOYO chants in the name of Tony Allen, Oum Khalsoum, Charlie Parker and Donnie Hathaway. Stomping towards you in the eye of the dancer, arms open, horns, bell and bass interwoven like the fabric of a ceremonial dress, AJOYO speaks the language of the talking drum with a New York accent. Originally from Tunisia in North Africa (by way of Paris), Yacine Boularès has played sax, composed and arranged music for Cameroonian musicians such as former Fela Kuti drummer Jojo Kuo, for the late Martino Atangana, for the Haitian Kompa legends Tabou Combo, and for Placido Domingo’s latest album Encanto Del Mar.  The project originated in these encounters and influences, as Yacine assembled a band that reconciles his North African and Western heritages.  AJOYO celebrates life, love and justice through music: music for the heart, the mind and the body, the kind that is soulful, sophisticated and that makes people want to dance.

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