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That Hopey Changey Thing

Tuesday, October 22 - Saturday, December 14

Anspacher Theater

Each year since 2010, Tony Award winner Richard Nelson has premiered a new play at The Public about the fictional, liberal Apple family of Rhinebeck, New York. This year, the award-winning ensemble that has come to embody Nelson’s fascinating family will be reunited once more as the first three Apple plays triumphantly return, in repertory, along with the world premiere of the fourth and final play in this powerful and timely series. These plays about family, politics, change, and the way we live today burst with remarkable immediacy.

In THAT HOPEY CHANGEY THING, the Apples reflect on the state of their family and discuss memory, manners and politics as polls close on mid-term election night 2010 and a groundswell of conservative sentiment flips Congress on its head.

The Apple Family: Scenes from Life in the Country

Written and Directed by Richard Nelson
Featuring Jon DeVries, Stephen Kunken, Sally Murphy, Maryann Plunkett, Laila Robins, and Jay O. Sanders