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Juliane Jones & Ba Ban: Chinese Experimental Music

March 29

Joe's Pub

Doors at 9PM
Show at 9:30PM

Singer-songwriter and ethnomusicologist Juliane Jones joins Ba Ban in an exploration of East/West cultural exchange. Their Chinese Experimental live show uses popular music conventions to curate Chinese traditional music genres of kunqu opera, guqin song, pipa and xiao music, and Buddhist chant.

Juliane writes songs (in Chinese, English, and French!) that evoke the astute and playful lyrics of Serge Gainsbourg, and the vivid narratives in the French Chanson genre with elements of Canto-pop music, inspired particularly by the Chinese artist Faye Wong.

Ba Ban Chinese Music Society features pipa virtuoso Zhou Yi and bamboo flute master Miao Yimin.  Ba Ban performs silk and bamboo music at renowned concert halls around the world. The acclaimed Chinese opera (kunqu) artist Qian Yi collaborates with Ba Ban in bringing Chinese traditional culture to global audiences.

Inside World Music comments: The quirky, little songs are incredibly catchy […]. It is impossible to feel down when listening to this stuff. By the end […], you'll be craving some Chinese food and find yourself praising Juliane in Chinese with phrases such as: Hao jile! (Excellent) and Wo hen xihuan Juliane! (I like Juliane very much!).”

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